Guru Ratna Homestay

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Photo of our parents

Our Parents

Our homestay is called Guru Ratna Homestay in memory of our grandfather.We just want to remember our grandfather figure of strong,innocently, and social. ‘Guru’ means ‘teacher’, but is also a term we use for uncles, fathers, and older men we respect. ’Ratna’ is also the name  of a flower we use for Balinese ritual prayers.

Guru Ratna Homestay and Restaurant is in Munduk, a village about 2 hours drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. Munduk Village  is in the Banjar district, Buleleng regency.Munduk is high in the fresh mountain air. The calls of birds will welcome visitors to the atmosphere of a fresh morning. A stretch of mountains, terraced rice paddies, plantations of cloves, coffees, vanilla and tropical fruit, and our superb cloud forest, offer a refreshing vision of beauty which will remedy the eyes, heart and mind.

Munduk is surrounded by mountains, among which are Mount Pucuk (1603 masl), Mount Batukaru (2776 masl), Mount Sanghyang (2088 masl), Mount Lesong (1860 masl), and Naga Loka peak (1780 masl).

In Munduk, fresh water flows and cascades everywhere. We have amazing natural waterfalls from springs flowing from our mountains, the freshness and clarity of the water makes you want more time to enjoy it. Our most famous waterfall is ‘Red Coral’ waterfall.

The astonishing scenery, peaceful atmosphere and natural hospitality of our local people will make you feel comfortable and at peace. There is much to see and do in these lovely highlands.

Main Room

Guru Ratna Homestay

We know our area intimately, and can suggest walks – anything from a light stroll that you can do in flipflops, to something more challenging that needs boots – through the highlands and plantations, or to nearby lakes Tamblingan and Bratan. We know if the local gamelan is playing nearby, or if there are any interesting ceremonies you can see. We can arrange guides, tours and taxis. If you want to be quiet, we will leave you in peace.

We are careful of our environment. Our area grows many organic crops, and we dispose of waste and plastic in co-operation with local tour guides and communities.

Guests who stay at our homestay are part of our family. You will feel the peace and warmth of hospitality, experience the life of a villager, and see the daily, as well as the ceremonial activities, of our local people.

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